This is the second time I have had time to post since my arrival in Rhode Island. Unfortunatly and ironically, I have only 3 days left until I leave and 1 day until picture wrap. Since its over I thought I'd least give you the photo tour of what my day usual consists of:

5:45am- Wake up to the sight of the world below me, all the hustle and bustle. And the huslters bustling thier....ho's. Just kidding. I haven't seen one prostitute in all of providence. It's probably illegal.

5:55am- Blow dry hair. Who knew?

6:35am- Rehearsal. Discussion. Love. Talking. Walking. Hands raised. Etc.

But no good rehearsal is good without a little reading.

8:00am- We film this thing. We do all the things you would guess and more. Say lines. React. Say another line. React. Maybe throw in a little character quirk. And then say another line. This photo was taking during a scene for the montage of the movie. All the girls are bored in our underground bowling alley. Pretty crazy right?

12:35pm- Lunch! Well, I don't have a picture of that. I don't want to get you all hot and bothered. But I will show you a picture of when Chris Kattan discovered the begining on someones art project. They were hills, but you'll see where his brain went.

1:50pm- Lunch is over. Touch ups are over. Now its time to work. This time on a different scene. Here is what a different part of the school looks like.

2:30pm- A discovery. John finds a note entitled: Dear Cave Woman.

"Dear Cave Woman,
I have plenty of question for you. How popular were beads? Did ever use dried animal skins for clothing? Did you ever eat the animals as well? What about polar bears? How do you feel about the polar bear? Did you ever eat a polar bear? What is the best part of the polar bear? Are they nice? Do they make for nice clothing? Have you ever riden one? Did people ever use rocks as embelishments on their clothing? I can't wait to hear your response cave woman.


2:35pm- Filming. Our beautiful and talented directors watch the scene unfold.

4:00pm- Time to go home and start all over again.

That's it folks. My life. My day. Its all there, documented. I'm thinking about making a video today for your enjoyment.

I leave you with a photo of what our PA Quimby does while we are working(and he should be too):

Miss you,