Loyal Dog Returns to Owner's Funeral

Ever since Sam was a puppy, he rarely left his owner's side.

When his owner Teddy Crockarell lost his battle with cancer last Monday, his wife Marcene believes Sam must have sensed something was wrong.

The dog, who wears an electric fence collar, ran away from the couple's home on Kimbrough Road.

Two and a half days later, after searching for Sam, the family arrived at a church on Trenton Road, over six miles from their home, for Teddy's funeral and discovered Sam was waiting for them.

Marcene Crockarell said, "He was just shivering and sitting there by the doors. We just lost it and all we were doing was hollering, 'Sam! Sam!' and here he comes and he was just all over all three of us."

There is no way to know what prompted Sam, who had never left home on foot, to run away and end up at a church he'd never seen, but his family has a theory.

"If he walked those six miles he was looking for his papa... but he found him, and that's what's good about this whole situation, he found him and he found his way back here," said Marcene Crockarell's son-in-law Howard.

Sam is a two-and-a-half-year-old Dachsund.




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