Where everybody knows your name



This is spanish Brie, live from Spain. I´m here with the lovely John Patrick Amedori. This is a real life interview.

BRIE: So, John...what are you doing here in Barcelona?
JOHN: Eating Kabaps and uh...experiencing...
BRIE: Wow, thats uh, very uh, vague of you. How much spanish do you know?
JOHN: Poquito.
BRIE: Taquito?
JOHN: Not quite but that sounds good.
BRIE: What are you doing right this second?
JOHN: We are at the computer, you are on my lap and the time is about to run out on the computer



DRUNK or "This Indian Should Learn Some Manners"

Also, just so you know, I will be leaving. On a jetplane. Don't know when I'll be back again. Probably.

I'm going to be filming a movie called Tanner Hall with the likes of a bunch of people I don't know. I'll be sure to post pictures and tell pithy comments!

So yeah,

p.s. I'm filming an episode of "Ghost Whisperer" this week. Look at me go. Tapping into my supernatural side.


One, Two, Three More Things.

I did an interview so here is the link


In other news, I went garage sale shopping. I found a really amazing hat and when I looked at it, my immediate thought was "My mother is going to steal this from me." And sure enough, I get home and show my mother the hat and she screams "THAT'S MY HAT." I knew it was coming so very calmy I placed my hand on her shoulder while looking at her straight in the eye I said "No mom, it's not. I'm.....(sigh)...I'm sorry but it's not." At that moment my aunt walked by and said "Hey Heath, that's your hat." My mother replied "I KNOW!" and so I screamed "NO! ITS MINE!"

Well, after a few more moments of this my mother explained that she did, in fact, own that exact hat but lost it at least 20 years ago. I happened to find it. Dammit.


For Synthering.

It's interesting.

A diologue between male and female can go wrong with one choice of word. It doesn't bother me per se but it can give one faith. Be a girl. Cry and over think. Stay up with your heart pounding about your talk of how love doesn't really exist. Its true. Everything he said is completely true. But you can't forget- words only last as far as they come from your mouth. They don't spin around in the universe like a quantum-well infrared photodectors. They puff out, and as quickly as they came- vanish. I've been having some stimulating conversations amoung males of which I have various ties to. Within that, hundreds of promises, lies, arguements, laughs, and physical contact has ensused(it's unavoidable). How far did those all take me? Full circle? Did it spin around and walkie back to the NASA base? No. It took me up. It drove me to insanity and cities. It was fun, it was okay, it was cool, it was great, it was devestating. But it's not until you get to the moment when your heart no longer panics when you can be prepared for whats to come. I can't tell you what it is or else it ruins the surprise.

Just promise me you will be brave through it all. That you will cry, and laugh, and feel unseasy, and be excited. Can you promise me that? Because at the end its all just words and its true when they say they are full of shit.

Even this.

I love you, I mean it,