I don't ask for enough.

I'm posting videos of things that interest me. Things that have been on my mind for the past week.

Take a look, they are all pretty short. And comment below your thoughts. Lets get a group of thinkers together.

If all goes well I want to video chat with some of you like a little mini interview and broadcast it live through myspace. If you are interested or have a topic you'd like to discuss, bring it on!


QUESTIONS: Is it real? How did it happen? How does it make you feel emotionally- scared, angry, sad, worried, curious, etc.

QUESTIONS: Do you find this to being the beginning of "human advertisement" or just a cool new fashion trend? How to you think it will effect you to walk around with a light up shirt that reads " INDIANA JONES 4- OUR IN THEATERS MAY 22". Hot? or not?

QUESTIONS: What do you think that is? Real? Manmade? And what is its purpose?

HELP ME. I want(I need) your thoughts before my brain starts writing depressing songs about the past.




hello lovewaffles.

I'm trying to post more regularly to get back into the groove of things. On top of that I have loads to tell you.

Firstly, a curious thing happened today. I blew a burp into my sister face, stopping her from breathing. I was so surprised by my actions that I burst out laughing. Well. I tried to burst out laughing. All that really came out was a grunt. My sister is still making fun of me for it and its been between 5 and 7 hours since the happenings. I think that noise is going to have long lasting power in the "hey-this-would-be-a-good-time-to-embarrass-my-sister" mental filing cabinet.

Secondly, Chef kicked my ass at Smash Bros. He's way too skilled and he was even Olimar(who I always believed was a pointless character until now; silly me). Although, I will save my ego a little bit by saying that my internet was glitching like a ho...so maybe my reputation will proceed me in the very near future. If not, please play me if you are very unskilled.

I get a lot of questioned about what songs I listen to. So I thought I'd put together a power mix.

Gigantic - Pixies
Dirty Boots - Sonic Youth
Walk it Out - Breeders
Black Mirror - Arcade Fire
I'm Designer - Queens of the Stone Age
In Particular - Blonde Redhead
The Greatest - Cat Power
Something - The Willowz
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles

WARNING TO SERIOUS MUSIC FANS: I know okay! Those songs are the obvious choices. Whatever though. They are popular for a reason. Think of it as building a doorway for new fans! They gotta start with the easier stuff to digest.

WARNING TO NEW MUSIC LISTENERS: Have open ears. A few years ago I didn't like it either.

As for new exciting serious business news. I booked a movie! I start May 28th. The next paragraph will make you piss yourself probably definitely:

On top of that, Myspace has contacted me asking if I would be their next "Rising Star" on Myspace Celebrity! So to go along with that, they are sending me my very on Flip Camera(its in the mail as we speak) to do DAILY(are you dying yet) video blogs.

YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!

So not only will you see my normal nonsensical collage, but you will get a first had look at the film I'm doing as well:)

More news and ideas to come,