Blogspot is no better.

I keep running away from James, and further from my roots.

F this.


Sorry guys.

But this just isnt working.

(yes james, its true)



That means "best party/time/experience ever" in German.

Actually, I don't know. Our German 1st AC on "The United States of Tara" taught it to Keir and I but I just kinda mumble it and make my own words up. Thats all that German is really. Some guy who put too much peanut butter in his PB&J and then had the privilege of creating a language. Lucky shit.

Life is good, you know? My days have been filled up with filming and meetings about filming. John Corbett plays my papasan and was also the voice over guy for Applebee's. For a guy that used to have long hair he says some pretty prolific things, but I find myself zoning out and thinking "Man, I want some popcorn shrimp for just $5.99"

Who decided that grass was the perfect go-to ground cover? Dirt is fine. Sometimes I prefer it! At least dirt doesnt make me all itchy and feel like I'm in a Tide commercial.

I feel as though everything I say is pointless! And then I turn to John and he says "Just read me what you've written and I'll add to it. You know, something like fiddle faddle fing fang fing."

I'm surrounded by bad bloggers.

I need to hang out with Diablo Cody more. And P.Diddy. Those bitches no how to hold an audience. I can barely hold my cell phone without dropping it.

OH! Oh! oh! I remember something good. I go to this amazing organic grocery store, and part of it has juice bar. I always feel like a dick-healthnut-wannabe when I show up in my non-biodeisel car with my cotton t shirts and mui mui bag. But whatever the juice is fabulous. So anyway, there are all these guys that look like they need a monkey to pick the bugs and shit out of their hair there and one guy goes:

"You gunna come over tonight?"

The other man looks puzzled.

"Yeah man, its meditation night."
"Yeah, man. It's a full moon. We get crazy."
"Oh sweet. Whos going?"
"You know the Pineapple Tribe? All those guys. But meditating"
"I dunno man...."
"No. Dude. You gotta go. Should be really positive"

I love organic peer pressure.