Hows everyone feeling? I guess blogs are supposed to be one-sided, but I'm curious.

As for me, I'm cool. There was a slow leak in my tire so I took it to get fixed. I asked the man after if it was a sharks tooth that did it; he said yes, but it was a very odd shark. A shark that had screws for teeth. Its probably an ancient artifact.

I just saw on Krystens site the picture from the Teen Hair Magazine.....does anyone else think the picture looks NOTHING like me? I don't know if thats good or bad, I just did a double take....

I've been listening to Cat Power "The Greatest" a lot....it got a ton of critical acclaim but I can't help but slightly disagree. She is the coolest but I find the CD a little redundant. But maybe I'm just a cynic today. Tuesdays are boring. I've tried working on several different things today(i.e. clean my room, finish a song, go over script, write script, watch movie, beat Super Mario Galaxy) but I can't seem to stick to them. I just feel like some aimless ant ghost, gliding about with no purpose. Maybe I'll bake. Cookies even.

My dog has something wrong with her liver so she is drinking a lot of water. QVC is playing in the background because I'm enjoying the excitement they all get over the most disgusting horrific rings and necklaces that are over priced beyond belief.

Today was fine,


Oh! Hmmmm or "I Feel Like I'm At Home"

Well wow guys, I seem to be quite the jet-setter or not, depending upon what you believe. I dont know what to do to prove that this is IN FACT me. And what events are, IN FACT true.
(no James, there is no consipracy, but thank you for playing.)

But whatever! Boys will be boys. And ice cream melts too fast. The world goes round. I'm fine with it. So to make up for confusion and blah blah blah, PICTURES!

From my trip to Spain over the holidays.

First off:

The airport in Germany. Which is exactly how you would picture it. Schnitzl. Meat hanging from the walls, and the airport resembled Ikea to a T(Tee? Tea. Sure). I was there, in all 8 hours, 5 of them were spent on people movers.

The view of a building from my apartment in Barcelona. John and I were trying to come up with a WWWAD(What Would Wes Andersen Do?) scenario to someday film, either with or for him. What a dream,

Here I am making spaghetti for all of our baby skaters (Mute Team and ISuck) who came over for grub after a hard days skate.

John and I on the metro, going to find the mecca of skate spots. As you can see, you are doing a great job of looking out the window and scoping it all out....

Me holding up the Arc De Triomf. I touched it! A very important moment in my life.

Shortly after, John and I stumbled across what we thought was an indoor zoo. Turns out it was taxidermy, Which was even better. We spent way too much time talking about what animal we would be. I was a very rare skeleton, shown above. John was a sloth.

Here is what Spain looks like at night during the holidays.

Apparently, they dont have potted plants over there. This is the alternative.

And last but not least, a photo I took of John on the subway.



Good VS. Evil

Things that should not be happening:
Mini Persian Cats.

Hiedi Montag, in every aspect.

London being 5371 miles away from me.

Popsicle sticks. bleck.

The good things in the world:
Theodore Roosevelt

Astro Blasters with a brit

There Will be Blood for Best Picture

Zodiac Boots

Thats an insight for now!