For Synthering.

It's interesting.

A diologue between male and female can go wrong with one choice of word. It doesn't bother me per se but it can give one faith. Be a girl. Cry and over think. Stay up with your heart pounding about your talk of how love doesn't really exist. Its true. Everything he said is completely true. But you can't forget- words only last as far as they come from your mouth. They don't spin around in the universe like a quantum-well infrared photodectors. They puff out, and as quickly as they came- vanish. I've been having some stimulating conversations amoung males of which I have various ties to. Within that, hundreds of promises, lies, arguements, laughs, and physical contact has ensused(it's unavoidable). How far did those all take me? Full circle? Did it spin around and walkie back to the NASA base? No. It took me up. It drove me to insanity and cities. It was fun, it was okay, it was cool, it was great, it was devestating. But it's not until you get to the moment when your heart no longer panics when you can be prepared for whats to come. I can't tell you what it is or else it ruins the surprise.

Just promise me you will be brave through it all. That you will cry, and laugh, and feel unseasy, and be excited. Can you promise me that? Because at the end its all just words and its true when they say they are full of shit.

Even this.

I love you, I mean it,


Zainab said...

It's the truth though isn't it?
The cold, hard, truth...
Brie,as of today, I have declared that I have adopted you and your soul.

Anonymous said...

beautifully written.
and i promise.

L.O.V.E. laura lilly lalala

Shannon said...

You speak all of the words I will never be able to say.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

Brie love does exist and i can prove it,yet i can't if you won't believe in it.I can help you though.i have left Msyapce behidn me for you.I am quitting it and i want to help take away your pain and make you feel ok.Truth is you are right people lei about love,yet i say really not hardly any lies and if i ever do it's accidental.

Believe me Brie i mean no harm.I added you on Myspace before and you was on there and i commented all of your blogs and page and more.I have to admit i care about you.I can't just say i don't care about you Brie because i do and if anybody hates me for lovin' you i won't care.I am here for you.In fact i am never gonna leave you.I want to get to know you better.I am on here now with a new space and i am Jray4real from Myspace.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

i can relate to love,yet why not believe in love,i am true when i say stuff.i met girls who hurt me yet won't never ever be hurt by me intentionally.i don't mean nothing harmful.my parent's i wish they coudl understand how i lvoe you,yet nobdo ydoes.they think i am being unreal abotu stuff,yet not quite,i care for you more than life itself,girl's say how life is such a hastle to deal with and yes brie my heart races to.i met you and my heart raced on and on and when i see sadness in your eyes i cry too.i want you to know that i love you.i even wrote a song for you.i will email it to you soon or maybe you can email me sometime and yes brie i don't lie to you,dont' never doubt the words that come from thee.i will set you free.with love i shall free brie from her sadness and doubt.brie you are alive and well.i wish you would feel the same way sometime's i feel that way yet when i think of how good life really is and how worrying and feeling sad and thinking negative can really ruin your life and self-esteem.hear me out brie i want the best for you.i am here for you.i never left you nor forsaked you for another man or woman did i of course not,i may have talked to people,yet never forsaken you.i have loved you more than everyone on this Earth Brie and without you i can't seem to be able to do anything at all and i care for you.

Words from the sad man named James
who feels your pain and wishes now that you had no pain and i want you to be with me and i want you to be set free from the pain.

"it hurts me to see you hurt brie it really does and i hope you can feel my love and i hope i will inspire you to be happier from now on or i will be sad anymore"

courtage said...

this blog is appsolutely amazing!
I kno exactly what you mean...

you're the best!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Intersting
Albert Einstein was very Intriguing Person
This is True lol

Anonymous said...

Brie Brie i guess you like to write
thats really nice:] lol


That's not what all males are like– and as hot as you are, you know it. We're a little more slippery than that– as you've shown our equal to be.

Hey, I just wanted to say that I appreciate you first and foremost as a writer- I was touched that you found that out about yourself early. It reminded me of what I went through creatively as a teenager.

But now you're an adult, and I bet you're feeling it. I just wanted to add to your feelings, with a little fun. And I guess what I'm saying is that if you keep writing– at least keep in touch with your writing self- you'll stay as relevant as you are.

You are now becoming a real rock star- not in the old, mangy definition of that abused word; but in the better, more beatlesesque (yes, cite me with that one) definition of celebrity. Meaning that you actually have something to say. I've seen you do it, and I'm hypnotized into you now.

That being said, I was first drawn to your work when you outsang poor Metric in the greatest movie of all time. Hard. But it was really your voice that told me something about you- and all anyone would have to do would be to continue to put you in front of the people, where you've obviously primed yourself to be.

Put literally, I can't take another viewing of you as Envy Adams on stage– lest my head should explode; and now that I know that what I felt watching you is real, inside you as a real writer and a creative (which type I do of myself recognize, if you didn't get that), I born to droop in your absence. I just wanted you to know that at least one person recognized that beyond the beauty.

I'd have more to say- but like anyone cares. Just keep up the good work and all that. It's not like you'll ever get this message anyway, ha. I guess if you want to pin me down, you can convict me of trying to reach you as an artist- and since no one cares about us, I figure we should care about each other. Except I shouldn't bag on myself for trying to reach another artist– Dallas Clayton wrote back this morning about a movie idea, which would rule.

What did you always say back in 2007? I love you, I mean it? Whatever, platonically, you rule–


P.S. I'm not like this guy who keeps writing you from mySpace- clearly unaware of what you can really do. Gosh, though- don't I sound like such a damn fan- I've never even met you...

P.S.S. I'm not going to even try to read back through this. I have people for that, I think...