hello lovewaffles.

I'm trying to post more regularly to get back into the groove of things. On top of that I have loads to tell you.

Firstly, a curious thing happened today. I blew a burp into my sister face, stopping her from breathing. I was so surprised by my actions that I burst out laughing. Well. I tried to burst out laughing. All that really came out was a grunt. My sister is still making fun of me for it and its been between 5 and 7 hours since the happenings. I think that noise is going to have long lasting power in the "hey-this-would-be-a-good-time-to-embarrass-my-sister" mental filing cabinet.

Secondly, Chef kicked my ass at Smash Bros. He's way too skilled and he was even Olimar(who I always believed was a pointless character until now; silly me). Although, I will save my ego a little bit by saying that my internet was glitching like a ho...so maybe my reputation will proceed me in the very near future. If not, please play me if you are very unskilled.

I get a lot of questioned about what songs I listen to. So I thought I'd put together a power mix.

Gigantic - Pixies
Dirty Boots - Sonic Youth
Walk it Out - Breeders
Black Mirror - Arcade Fire
I'm Designer - Queens of the Stone Age
In Particular - Blonde Redhead
The Greatest - Cat Power
Something - The Willowz
While My Guitar Gently Weeps - Beatles

WARNING TO SERIOUS MUSIC FANS: I know okay! Those songs are the obvious choices. Whatever though. They are popular for a reason. Think of it as building a doorway for new fans! They gotta start with the easier stuff to digest.

WARNING TO NEW MUSIC LISTENERS: Have open ears. A few years ago I didn't like it either.

As for new exciting serious business news. I booked a movie! I start May 28th. The next paragraph will make you piss yourself probably definitely:

On top of that, Myspace has contacted me asking if I would be their next "Rising Star" on Myspace Celebrity! So to go along with that, they are sending me my very on Flip Camera(its in the mail as we speak) to do DAILY(are you dying yet) video blogs.

YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!

So not only will you see my normal nonsensical collage, but you will get a first had look at the film I'm doing as well:)

More news and ideas to come,


digger said...

that's GREAT news Brie! I've missed you teribly, I will definitely enjoying see you blog more often - can you let us know when the MySpace thing goes up?

Anyway, just FYI, you can probably beat my sorry ass playing Mario any day of the week - I suck at it like it's my job! :(

hope you're doing ok - tell us more about your next project when you get a chance, k? If it involves seeing you in your bra & panties again, I'm all for it! *wink*wink*

luv ya Brie!!!

as always,

Carissa said...

you just made me a very happy person brie :)
hahaha i keep imagining the grunt and it makes me laugh.

congrats on everything!
i cant wait to see the video blogs!

krysten said...

I think I just died.

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

hey brie,

good about the myspace deal,i am gonna have to send you a demo of my music i am a struggling artist and i need your help.i want to make it and yes it love you more as alway plus the songs are earth shattering.pleas take a listen.i'll send you some.

oh yes my birthday is today may the 8th so please wish me a happy birthday but i want to hear back from you on my birthday that would make my stellar life even more better yet no matter how good my life is it is missing something when i don't hear back from you so pleas pleas if you are not busy pleas at least respond back peace out.
your's truly,
james from the believer's

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

i'll be checking back more often buddy pleas let me talk to you someday soon pleas.i'll do whatever you want.

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

cool since you listen to that i am gonna check it out too i think you rock brie i real do i love music like you do brie i am gonna check it out too because we have alot in common plus you are the only one i care about in this world.

before i go i gotta tell you something when my album comes out you'll get one for free

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

i gotta go.one time ok 4 comments i know i know too many i'll leave less but i want to show you some love com on i love you more than all the world does 4 real u know.

alright you take care and remember you are my rainbow.

Jenny said...

i didn't know you had a sister. haha.
well, if i had smash bros. i would play you. but i don't.
well, i didn't die, but thats exciting! haha. yay! lucky, flip camera. haha. yay for daily video blogs! =]
oh yeah, yay for your movie also! :P
haha. yeah bye :P


wats ur friend code
i hav brawl and mario kart
my code is 5667 4599 7868 2258

wanita wong said...

I still think Olimar is a pointless character.

- little wan.

Anonymous said...

That's really cool lol that you Continue to blog.
yeah Burping is so gross and impolite Seriously thats nasty. Especially burping in people faces. even thouh its your family thats still pretty nasty. No offensce to you , if you like to burp it okey lol.
Pikim lol
Can Jiggylpuff beat you lol
Interesting Playlist lol

Anonymous said...

Congratulaions with your movie that you start working on May 28also Congrats on the myspace thing. The next paragrah didnt make me pee lol
your funny
nonsensical collage of what? That sounds artistic lol .

Zainab said...

Brie,it was only a matter of time before you began to take over Corporate America. Congrats!

Later my loveliness,

andrea*. said...

i think you try hard to sound really wise and all-knowing. you're a cool chick but you should stop trying to get people to percieve you a certain way and just be real? i dont know.

the comments to the serious music fans/new listeners irked me. i dont know it just really shows that you're kind of a try-hard by saying "serious music fans, i know these are the obvious choices. but we must go easy.." blah blah blah. i mean you are pretty much saying "OMG DONT TAKE AWAY MY COOL MUSIC-LIKING CREDIBILITY AWAY. I'M STILL COOL I PROMISE"

anyways stay real! peace

oh and that james person is a creep. srsly james wtf is your problem? i mean how long does it take you to GET A HINT. i dont know about you james.. but if i relentlessy declared my undying love for someone to no avail.. i'd probably realize that i have obviously been rejected and move on with my life. really dude, come on.

Kathy said...


Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

Brie i try so hard to be good to you and andrea can want me to lose it and anybody else all they want but i know deep down in my soul that i have not been rejected that you just ain't got to know me yet and if you did i would probably already have had one and i am gonna slack off the comments and andrea speaking out and wanting my needs killed is plain low i mean i would never want her to fail and God knows her heart.

whether it's good or bad i have no clue but her wanting me to give up is pretty low.It says that everyone treats everyone right.I don't love anybody else but you brie and i will not have time to comment you for the next few days but promise beyond a shadow of doubt that:

you'll be ok
you'll do the right thing
you'll wait on me
and you won't deny my love for you

for i love you more than you can even comprehend other's hate it when they see love unless it's those who they love it ain't right they are falling it's sad but they need to pray and give up their wicked ways.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

for real i am gonna be quite busy but don't doubt my love for as of now my love is your's and the world can think whatever of me loving you but it's true love and i am not gonna love another women not even if they don't love me and want me out of your life and they may think negative of me but that's because they're judgemental at heart and how they can keep being mean i'll never get it at all you are just not around me at the moment but someday you'll get to and i'll prove that i am as good as i say i am and that when women walk up to me i won't go with them or hang with them even if they try to kill me for it because as of now i am your's and nobody can take that away from you not even me.i am your's eternally,but have no fear for i have not come to harm,scare or cause you fear and i say surely for it is true the only one that i love is you and it's all true

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

plus i am not a creep don't their negative words sink into your head they are my adversaries and they trreat against me daily and hatehh me for their hearts are not right and not washed of their evil that they throw at me and i run from for they want me harmed but God will save me from their evil and you know i am not of it but of God and i love you and i want to save you from all the evil of the world even the evil in my own home and in your home and free you from your fears.

"this will be my last long comment i had to get this stuff off my chest"

I LOVE YOU and i really care about you and even when they beat at my heart i am still on your side.

loved or hated all because i don't love another women.they need to wake up and understand that will never happen and that they are living in a dream i love you and that is all i shall love besides God the Father,God the Son and God the Holy Spirit that is it.

and i will care for other's but not in the same way i care for you and God that is eternal and is without end Amen to that.

thank God that He is not like those who hateth me and wanteth me not to see you and care for you for i really do and thank God that He can move whatever stands in the way of anything i wanna do and one day i'll get to see you know and i know that in Jesus name i'll get to

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

brie has just been busy and i am not letting anybody inside my head with the words move on ever again for nnobody else matters me to me but brie and that is it besides God now i gotta go i has to get this off my chest and the fact that i hate myself for always looking everybody's comment is my own fault i don't get it i am not obssessed just messed up i do love you brie but i am gonna doctor myself and diagnose my problems and talk to you in a few days.sorry for the inconvenience but i only love you and i swear to God i don't care who likes it i will never stop loving you not even if i am stalked by bad spirits for not giving up yet no enemy can be against me for God is my friend and my ally and my Saviour and my mentor for all of eternity.Amen to that and that you're alive everything can happen but as long as you're alive and i can be your friend and get to know you better,show you how much i care about you and get to spend time with you that is all that matters to me and also my dreams everything and everyone is dead last not God He is always 1st or above the number 1 meaning if there was a number before one God would get to be up there but that is only because He's God.