Loyal Dog Returns to Owner's Funeral

Ever since Sam was a puppy, he rarely left his owner's side.

When his owner Teddy Crockarell lost his battle with cancer last Monday, his wife Marcene believes Sam must have sensed something was wrong.

The dog, who wears an electric fence collar, ran away from the couple's home on Kimbrough Road.

Two and a half days later, after searching for Sam, the family arrived at a church on Trenton Road, over six miles from their home, for Teddy's funeral and discovered Sam was waiting for them.

Marcene Crockarell said, "He was just shivering and sitting there by the doors. We just lost it and all we were doing was hollering, 'Sam! Sam!' and here he comes and he was just all over all three of us."

There is no way to know what prompted Sam, who had never left home on foot, to run away and end up at a church he'd never seen, but his family has a theory.

"If he walked those six miles he was looking for his papa... but he found him, and that's what's good about this whole situation, he found him and he found his way back here," said Marcene Crockarell's son-in-law Howard.

Sam is a two-and-a-half-year-old Dachsund.



krysten said...

that is one special dog.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

even though a week has gone by i had not broken my promise unto you.i kept true and stayed off and i had been off and yah this story made me cry,yet i am not worry about the world as much as i am you,yet anymore i am not phased by negativity at all and as of now a new me is born the me that loves God(The Heavenly Father,The Only-
-Begotten Son and The Holy Spirit - The Comforter of all mankind) and i do love you more than jpa and all the other's even though they either love me or whatever i am only concerned about you liking me which i know if i believe in God strong enough you will for God can wash away any problems any my life the same way God used Moses to wash away the oppresing army of egypt headed by an emperor.God has the ability to turn water into blood,turn people from bad to good,wash away sins,make people change,change people for the better and damn the people.God can do it all and i can also do all thing's through God who hath strengtheneth you and me both and we can conquer the whole entire world.Jesus took away the power from evil forces and even principalities and gave it to us and the one's born again that which we are.

well i got,yet remember all obstacles can be washed away if you believe strongly and understand the truth.i am not that i am your friend and those that know God are His friend not any longer a servant but a friend a friend of Christ Jesus who is above all powers and to love Jesus Christ is to love His Father up in Heaven.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

that story is sad i got to admit that it made me cry because it,yet what made me cry even more is that i didn't trust God like i should when He said we will be together.

i know i should trust God,trust you,ignore mankind and i will yet i need you to pray for me brie.

as i already have prayed for you.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

well i gtg and i don't know how many times a week i will be on here,yet i will not forget you ever even if i pass away maybe i would just forgive those that hate me,mock me and wish bad things on me like to die and stuff.

oh ok i will forgive them all,yet they must forgive me.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i will always love you that is one thing that will not change not for another woman or man period.

KevBo said...
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KevBo said...

^^ dude, chill with the comments

KevBo said...

incredible story...truly a man's best friend

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i am cool in fact i can be like ice hehe.jk but really i am.

i am kool everybody can say whatever yet if loving you is something they hate then hated i am i take the hate willingly the same way Jesus took crucifixion.

Jesus took alot and so will and He told me i will be hated by the world for loving and knowing Him and loving you if i am hated for doing that then oh well.

if loving you is what brings me hatred by other's then i'll take the hate because loving you is something i will never do because if i lost you i'd die literally.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

like i say they can love me or hate me and if that's the price i pay for loving you than it's what i accept.Jesus was hated by the way for loving and caring for them and He was true that is what was so sad about the story of Jesus that they still hated Him after He died and even took His clothes from Him that is sad yet people have no heart less they are like Jesus for everybody was nobody would die and then i'd say Amen i am alive.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

just like i said i am chill,i do alot,i am chill brie.i love you and whether me is hated or loved it's kool because i am no better than Jesus and i know i will be rewarded for righteous and being true while the rest of the world hates and created evil devices and wishes me away i know God has the power and none of them can silence it even if they try hard they will be brought low and made meek for God hates pride meaning "self-centeredness",yet it is for a good reason that God hates pride if we are prideful we are cold-hearted and think we are better.

God bless you brie and may you see the truth and grow up to be righteous and see the lights around me and you.i am jus tglad that you are alive and in my life.that is what is so important to me more than even my own life.

4 real girl you do matter that much to me that nothing not even hater's of the world that come and hate me will cause me to stop loving you even judgment or condemnation i will always you for you make me me.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

you are awesome,there should be more people like you.

you are constantly in my mind,my prayers,my thoughts and my hero and barrack obama is also my hero and people need alot barrack obama's too.

i gtg my mom is nagging me to get off here,you rock and remember you are closer to my heart than any other person.

cocoaeyes625 said...

....i wish i had a dog like that.
..but i don't wish i had a stalker like someone who i shall not name that frequently leaves long and multiple posts as repliess...creeppyy

James said...

you know what i don't like to put people down like some people i am not gonna mention and long messages are not creeppy and they have a hard heart and could less whose feeling's they hurt or who they destroy just as long as they get their point across unlike me if i knew i hurt someone i'd cried and comfort them with a long hug and talk to them and nurture and make sure they was emotionally ok.long messages are a way to express how you feel and it don't matter if whomever the person who commented before me is they could less about us they just come on here to run their mouth i don't get people like that yet i know someday Jesus will arrive and judge all and destroy the devil and free those captive.Jesus is in control of all and those who doubt should read the Bible maybe God could give them a new heart and wash away the hardness of their old one and maybe they would give a damn about other people instead of holding some rediculous grudges against and those i may or may not know then maybe my pain inside my soul won't be so large.

they can take away it all but they'll never take away how i feel about you not even if i died that would never change how i feel about you which is more than how they do and i mean only low lifes can come on here and put a hurt people down like they do like to the bone it's a tragedy how mankind is and someday God will judge us on our acts and lest change it is hard to tell what their punishment will be.

creepy i know what creepy means and i am not that and for her information she is more creepy than i am i am not so creepy as people claim God would be disatisfied with the last person who commented and wants to talk to them and bring them to low place and make them a better person and not so self-centered and proud.God doesn't like that at all.

James said...

and brie i am not a stalker low lifes come on and try to degrade me because i love you and they are jelious i got to go and get stuff done and if cocoaeyes625 hates me then she can speak lies all she wants i never was a stalker and one day God will hold her up to her words for God don't let guys like me go too long without confronting wicked human peoples and when the end comes she will be judged and judged by the King of Kings,the Lord of Lords and the Alpha and the Omega and the God above all other gods and His name is Jesus and He will reign for 1,000 years and judge everything too and throw the devil and his prophet into a lake of fire that is unquinchable and will last forever.

James said...

note to self:comment brie and ignore low-lifes using disguises and are truly the devil in disguise.people who come on here to destroy are possessed that is plain true no one has the right to do such and will judged for doing such acts that are abominable unto the Father who is God and was God and always will be God and anybody who tries to mess with Him will be punished and it is blasphemy to do so and anybody who obeys Him will be rewarded.

James said...

i need a break off here like time off here to get my mind cleared after dealing with low-lifes like them.i gtg and may my peace be with you and abound around you from this day forward and pay not attention unto your contemporaries for they are all so wrong about me and they always have been wrong about me while they looked for faults i ignored them all and conquered them all and their ways were washed away like the cities that have disentigrated away.

Carsen. said...

Love this!

James, do you think you can limit it to 1 comment, less than a 6 paragraph essay? My computer is freaking out everytime I load Brie's MySpace or Blogspot... =/

Kaley(bries number1 fan)<3 said...

i wish my dong was that cool.
by the wasy brie, my name is kaley.im 13 years old :] i think you are an amzing person. i look up to you alot (not in a james stalker way though).
muchos love brie!(:

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

haha yah right,whatever ya'll and for ya'll info my stuff ain't stalkish.to be honest why accuse or would you like to be accused of being something your not?

and another thing i can write as long as i want as much as i want whenever i want to.

i am gonna be an actor someday,yet i ain't telling ya'll no more only brie larson because ya'll seek to destroy what chances i have of even getting to know brie larson at all and that is the only thing i truly care about in life:

not other women
not celebrities
not movies
not music
as much as i do about brie

not the fame
not the fortune
not the money
not any of ya'll who hate and i never will care about ya'll
yet maybe right before i die i probably will,yet until then i have no clue because ya'll certainly don't care about me

i care about brie larson,goodness i'd run into a moving vehicle if it were coming and i'd protect her from it and i know what matters and God has the power and i am so glad ya'll never will because ya'll would destroy what life i have left in me which is so sad but right on the facts.

and i know that ya'll want me to get sick,lose contact with brie larson and give her up so that ya'll can have her,i only care about God,her,my parents,my family and friend's and you can hate me,yet you will never take away how much i love her from deep down in my soul and even if satan hates that then i got angels who can fight him till the enemy is no more and that is a fact.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

and brie i never ever would've brought this stuff up and i so wished i had went and become a songwriter back then when i was younger for i would've already met you,got my songs out there and never even had any of these things and got to hang with you and maybe you'd give me a chance,yet i know it's never too late even though these immature pessimists doubters thinks it is and they ain't your friend's and i am truly the one that loves,yet i gtg and i will email you whenever i take a break off here,yet i will never ever ever ever again tell them when i will not be on here for they hate me with a passion and if they could destroy me they would and thank God for that and what i chance i have of getting to meet you,get to know you and you know me unlike like these lowlifes and you get to spend some time with me then you'd change your mind about me because jpa is no different than me,yet i'd treat you way better than he would and that is a fact buddy.

i am not lying and if they email you and say i am please let me know so i can tell them what i think and that they are wrong about me and i could care less how many enemies i have just as long as i get to see you brie larson.

i gtg and workout unlike those who just on the computer all day looking for faults in me which are none at all lest i mess up or i mistype or i mispell a work or i say something wrong to you which is not intentional at all yet listening to them is like listening to hater's of the soul.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i realize this now and i should've earlier faith makes all possible and my chances of being with you are endless so i will not doubt,yet believe i will.

For doubt is dumb as those that know you will get along with me one day and one day will be great.

You know it,i know it,they know it,yet someday they will all change and we will all get along someday soon.

faith can outshine fear for fear is like a dark room where negatives are developed.

i am not negative,yet positive i am always.We will be bffs someday.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

Someday soon and that day i will tell none where i am headed and i will only tell you how i feel about you.

your bff and eternal love,
johnathon benjamin henry christopher

p.s.you know me,i know you and they will understand me just like you will soon.

andrea*. said...


Okay I noticed you were talking alot how people hate you because you love Brie.

Nobody hates you, they just think you're delusional. I don't mean that in a way to offend or degrade you.. but I mean that in sense of concern.

I mean really. In my honest helpful opinion, you should get over loving Brie and focus your mind on the real world. It is obvious that Brie doesn't really like you, because if she did I'm sure she would have definitely made some kind of RESPONSE to all your messages. But she doesn't, and I think that's a clear message.

It's not fair to yourself to sit around and put so much energy and emotions into one person when they aren't doing the same in return.

Good luck,

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

you know what brie i ain't paying any mind to andrea and her 4 year old minded thought's.i am way complex for anybody to understand,yet you can understand me.

i don't argue with people lest i have to and that is the only time,yet i am not gonna get on and argue with a bunch of crybabies.

you know what i mean crying and whining about this and about that.barrack obama don't cry and whine yet prays over stuff to God who is over and anybody who does that God has the right to damn them,yet He don't lest they hate to repent or won't repent.that is the only way.God will forgive those that repent.

I got to go brie larson and do something more fulfilling than arguing with them,they are the #1 reason why i hardly tell them anything for they come and gossip about me on here,yet after today it will slowly come to a dead end.

your bff and eternal love,
johnathon benjamin lee christopher

a.k.a.the west-side warrior

p.s.delusional means you think you see something and it ain't there

when you get a revelation or a dream it's not a dellusion it's got alot to do with your life.to me the only one with dellusions is andrea.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

to be honest with you brie larson.God has greater thing's in store from me as of this day and those who think negative will be silent in our presence.

peace be still and those that hate be gone out of our entire will in Jesus name i ask Amen and Amen.

that is the truth and He has spoken so listen closely.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i will only tell you & God how i feel.

they ain't worth my time.

james is a rapist said...

Look. We GET it.
You “love” brie.How can you love someone you have never met? Brie does NOT love you back. Get a life, please. Get your lazy ass off the computer and stop sending physocitic love messages to brie when she doesn’t even know you. She never will. She doesn’t want to. If I were her, I’d be scared as hell by you.
This is getting insane.
If you really loved brie, you would stop leaving harassing comments all over the web.
And really, its very creepy that a full grown man has a crush on a teenage popstar.
You’re a petefile. We all know it.
Quit wasting bries time.
She has a boyfriend. And it’s NOT you.
Gaywad. Go make out with your boyfriend, james.
If brie loved you, wouldn’t she write you back? Yeah, she would. And she hasn’t.
So there you go.

andrea*. said...
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andrea*. said...
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andrea*. said...

lol @ james_is_a_rapist

You basically said what i would have said if i wasn't trying so hard to be calm.. because i hoped that maybe it would get to him if he didnt feel like he was being attacked.. but nah. he's just delusional.

yes james you ARE delusional. you and brie have NOTHING. you hope and dream for something that is SO NOT THERE and never will be. and yeah i bet she's probably creeped out by you thats why she doesn't freaking talk to you. you're a nutbag. you need psychological help. like, no joke. not even saying that as a insult. Oh and its funny how you said you were going to ignore my "four year old minded comment" and then you go on a big rant about the little dreamworld you live in again. now thats what i call irony at its finest. or maybe ignorance. probably both

i feel really really sorry for you and its sad to see someone act the way you do james. like i said its really not fair to yourself. it's just not. open your eyes and look at the facts and hard reality of the situation rather than engulfing your mind into this ridiculous dream world.

i hope you get better james

Kaley(bries number1 fan)<3 said...
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Kaley said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

enough is enough:

for your people's information:

1.i am not a rapist
2.i am not delusional
3.i am not arguing with you
4.God sees all you do and say and if you don't change andrea God will cut you off from his tree.

it is a fact. the righteous live and the wicked are punished.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i am not mad at andrea,i am not mad at critics or their words.i am upset at the fact that they can be so heinous and have no heart and that is what is wrong with mankind.

too many cains and not enough ables.

able brought God something and what cain brought was death to able and able cried out and God punished cain for his evil and that hasn't changed.words also folks.God doesn't like critical people's ways you know.it upsets Him and He considers it abominable.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

you know what i am sorry,next time i will be ahead of time prepared for andreas critical remarks.i am not arguing just letting you know.

i am not phased by andrea nor liars and their words are just pointless because they aim to destroy all that is right.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

george washington loved all,yet one thing he didn't do was criticize other's.that is what made george washington great.he knew the difference between right and wrong,hardened and Godly heart,justice and injustice,mean and right and so forth.

there is a fine line between:

judgment and fact.they are way off.

andrea*. said...

how am i wicked?

also you say i have no heard? i do have a heart. but i have brains too. a good balance of the two. you obviously have too much heart and little to no brains. and i am not being critical or judgemental, i am stating my observations.

i never said you are a rapist, but dude you are delusional. i saw on your myspace that you say you are taken by brie larson. that my friend is purely delusional. and dont give me "god will cut me from his tree" crap.

anyways once again, i feel really really sorry for you. you need therapy. i'm done arguing with you now because it's like arguing with a wall, or like relentlessly posting messages to people who don't acknowledge me, and i have better things to do with my time.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

you know andrea you are not gonna make me argue with you for you are not worth my time all you do is accuse me and i have both a brain and a heart and you understand me not so i gotta go and meditate on He who is gracious and He who is above all and His name is Jesus and that ain't no delusion and me meeting brie one day ain't either girl and you should know better,yet argue i shall not do for that is what you want me to do,yet i shall not for that is why i never like coming on here for ya'll make me miserable.

not brie,yet ya'll who say i am delusional.a delusion is not real and faith in the future being my way is no delusion and you deny that makes you foolish.

another thing if you're gonna try to accuse me of stuff don't mention me in your comments ok andrea peace.

wow at the denying at me i thought they would grow up and realize that the stuff i say is true and ain't no delusion and those who say i am know me not yet love to criticize anybody that says something that they doubt,yet andrea is a pessimist and doubts faith is visual and it is it ain't blind.

faith is not blind although those who don't believe are blind in faith and all they see is darkness,yet all i see is His light.

they can deny it all day,yet i know the whole truth and they know very little of Him and His truth.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

another word for the critics on here.if you wanna judge me look up those words that you put me under in the dictionary then contemplate if i am that or not.more than likely you won't succeed at degrading me will be proven wrong.

i got to go brie i needed to prove them wrong because all they do is want to look bad and this is it for this criticism and i hope the criticism ceases in them.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.