I don't even know what to say.

Oh wait. I do.

This lead "singer". Is he on crack, or was he just raised to believe that we all have and should bring our our inner porcupine?


Groom that shit!

And did you see that guy NEXT to him? He has to cut an actual hole out of the top of his hats and doo rag in order for his luscious wax knots to protrude out and over and on to his shoulder.

Unfortunately, there is nothing funny to say about the other two guys in the band. They are normal and are just there because maybe they can play an instrument. Or maybe not, I can't say since I can't read xXxsheetmusicxXx.

As for me lovemuffins, I'm feeling much better. I met the writers and a few other important people in production realm of United States of Tara. Everyone seems really eager and excited(as am I ^___^;;;). Also, yeah I'm trying to act as cool as my character Kate by learning a bunch about Tokyo fashions and Anime. So if I start making weird little typing faces like the above or say things like "kawaii" just pretend I'm cool enough to do it.

Seriously though, check out my new favorite show Strawberry Marshmellow. You can watch a few episode on Youtube and its kind of mind blowing.



krysten said...

I'm glad you're feeling better :)

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out if the lead singer was a guy or a girl ;x Then I saw one of their music videos and figured it out...

digger said...

Brie's Turning Japanese!

I really think so, think so, think so...

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

humm well i am glad that you are better i was so worried sick and it's cool i love chinese,yet i love you brie please talk to me i really do the rest of the world could care less they still don't give a care what any of us think just as long i shut up and never say a word it's sad.i love you and i wish you understood.yah humm i agree he may be but who knows if he is or not.

brie ain't turning chinese digger nobody can turn another race that's silly.she likes chinese she ain't chinese hehe.ya'll crack me up.brie's cool.we're kool.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

:) yah i have been busy too songwriting,working out harder and lifting myself in the gym yah yet i am glad you do what makes you happy but i really do care about you more than the rest they just can't accept it it's a very sad fact but i really do.

many say i am this or i am that but i do love you more than i do me and when i get a chance i got a song and i'll send you a copy if i can figure out how and i hope you understand it and the music and all.

you don't understand sheet music i do i can help you with that i am excellent with sheet music it's never hard i am very smart man i could bring this world together but would the world ever care it's hard to tell.

yet i am thankful that may many prayers have went through and God truly does answer them all yah i have been praying day and night for you even down on my knees with tears falling down people never understand me but with my debut they may.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i ain't letting other's mess my head up.i know you wasn't in that picture they're just mixing them and you up.

you was just discussing that image.

when i think about thing's i really hate myself for even payin attention to anybody people have tried to make my life hell lately.it's been ok i guess but i do worry about you and you being safe and all i really care about you and your safety and other's.

if you ever need someone who will be here even passing away it's me i'll always love you some thing's get me worrying but i never understand why.

the truth is i'd rather be dead then to see you worry or suffer at all i hate to see you be confused because of nonsense.

i really want everything to make sense.if i could i'd sell everything and give you everything i have that is how much i care about you honestly i'd lay down my life at your feet and say here it is this is all i got left and i'll do anything for you.

yah that is different.you weren't in the picture.i wish that omen would leave my house.i have been battling these evil forces for so long they get everything messed up even in my mind make me think crap that ain't even true.

i know you are still you and safe and i hope God will shield you from all the deceivers and those who try to take advantage of those like me and you and i know some of them even my own close friend's have turned on me they won't even talk to me anymore the world seems like colder everyday but i could lose every friend but i don't want to lose you.

:*( and i mean every word.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

sorry about so many comments please be ok.promise me three things:

you'll be ok
you'll be well
you'll stay close to God and never lose touch promise me that and that you'll always know that i will do anything for you,provide for you,live for you,help you with anything at all,protect you,die for you,lie for you or anything for you at all.

you're all that's left of me buddy.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

ok maybe i shouldn't be so dramatic.alright i tell you what remember what i said and i'll try not to worry so much,try not to cry so much,try not to hate myself,try to be more understanding and try not be so sad,but when i think of you i am the happiest man alive because you make me so happy and that is all that makes me happy and i'd give up anything just to know you're ok and i sometime's go crazy because i have no clue but today i am happy because you are ok and promise you'll always be that way and i pray that in Jesus name.Amen.

i want you to be treated right,be ok,not give into peer pressure,be strong.have faith in God,believe all is gonna be alright when it is,be happy and not let stuff confuse you,not worry so much,try to understand me and give me a chance and if you are ever in danger i swear to God if i can be there for you i'd be there right now just to make sure you are ok and if i were to ever die and you needed me i would explain to God that i loved that girl that i was willing to die in order so that she would live and never die at all that is what i really want and in this i want to see you and get to know you better and i pray all the time and i am like Jesus i have a good relationship with my Father in Heaven which is greater than all of everything made even i ain't as greater as HE is,yet i love you so much i tell God every day and every night to make sure that you are ok,make good decisions and that He will bless you and make you happier,prettier and safe in His love.

that is how much i love you more than everything and i would even die for you and i swear to God that is true.

*from the bottom of my lonely heart*

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

brie you can do that smiles i love smiles i just am thankful to my Heavenly Father that you are ok.don't be mad i posted so many comments i just had to express how i feel it's like this if i hadn't of i would've probably died.

Ashley said...

good lord, tokio hotel...

they make me weep for the future of music.

Megg said...

umm...he looks like he got struck by lightning, or maybe electricuted. once, or twice. and the other guy looks like he has a mop on his head, turn him upside down and your good to go for cleaning your floor!

if you want to learn more about anime and what not, let me know. i have friends who think their asian who are white. its crazy, like it's a totally different language talking about all this anime stuff, thats all they talk about, i absorbed a lot of knoledge from them. ^.^

try with pokemon! ;P

Anonymous said...

pokemon is so LAST century. it's conan now ;)

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

tokio hotel is cool,yet i agree the lead singer looks like a porcupine.he needs to straighten his hair and look more non-silly.maybe he wanted to be different maybe he just was bored it could be numerous reasons.

yeah i am gonna check out that band i heard a glimce of one of their songs it's pretty cool.i've heard of them before by a friend that is a girl.she is cool.the band she said was cool,she liked them.hope all is well gtg buddy ok.

hope you and your parent's are getting better than me and mine it's so sad how arguing can effect anybody in the wrong way i try to let things go.stay cool love you.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i love all kinds of music even tokio hotel,techno,pop,dance,rock,rock n' roll,jazz,some hiphop,some r&b,some of everything.

i love all music and i like all your bands too you rock brie and i am here for you as always brie and you take and don't stuff get to you or bother you and just believe for God will help you and is there yet i will always love you more than life.

Judy said...

wow that's guy is kinda creepy haha. hey just wanted to let you know your video thing is on this site and they don't even have your name posted anywhere =/ http://break.com/index/cute-blonde-18-year-old-babysitter.html

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

ignore judy i ain't creepy they just say whatever to make you think negative of me.they hate that i love you,but i ain't gonna argue with them i'll let Jesus deal with all of those people that wishes me away for they will know Him.

don't worry brie God is on our side and the devil has no where to hide.

i am on your side as well.

haha people are ridiculous with their ways.i ain't changing for nobody and i ain't creepy.people need to grow up.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

people know me not and they always point their finger at me it's sad,but they must not have a life to do such and i do i have alot to do and no time for immaturity.

i will always love you and those who doubt my love for you should ask God about it and He would reply yes and those that doubt are fools in the flesh and need to grow up and come to terms that have wounded james.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

be careful and be strong.have no fear and be strong like the rock inside and out.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

be careful and be strong.have no fear and be strong like the rock inside and out.

i am multi-talented and here for you brie i am real good looking,real good singer and really care about you.

TheMaddyHatter said...

Hey! I love Tokio Hotel! and Bill's hair is sexy. I love him :(

kat. said...

(^.^) XD <-- it's fun trying to make that face. squinty eyes plus real big smile equals XD ha

hannah said...

wOw thats an intresting picture. i wonder what thier music sounds like.

Laura. said...


Japanese things rule.

haha you signed off with "yummy" ;P

kat. said...

Tokio Hotel, you know, the guys in the picture, won a Video Music Award last night. Whenever I saw them pop up on the tv last night, I couldn't help but laugh. One, because of their fashion sense. and Two, because of the comments you said. Hilarious. My friend says the porcupine is the prettiest guy she's ever seen. super feminine.

Kaley said...

ugh, ew, i agree brie,
maybe we should send him a straightening iron for his birthday [:
lol love ya brie!

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