That means "best party/time/experience ever" in German.

Actually, I don't know. Our German 1st AC on "The United States of Tara" taught it to Keir and I but I just kinda mumble it and make my own words up. Thats all that German is really. Some guy who put too much peanut butter in his PB&J and then had the privilege of creating a language. Lucky shit.

Life is good, you know? My days have been filled up with filming and meetings about filming. John Corbett plays my papasan and was also the voice over guy for Applebee's. For a guy that used to have long hair he says some pretty prolific things, but I find myself zoning out and thinking "Man, I want some popcorn shrimp for just $5.99"

Who decided that grass was the perfect go-to ground cover? Dirt is fine. Sometimes I prefer it! At least dirt doesnt make me all itchy and feel like I'm in a Tide commercial.

I feel as though everything I say is pointless! And then I turn to John and he says "Just read me what you've written and I'll add to it. You know, something like fiddle faddle fing fang fing."

I'm surrounded by bad bloggers.

I need to hang out with Diablo Cody more. And P.Diddy. Those bitches no how to hold an audience. I can barely hold my cell phone without dropping it.

OH! Oh! oh! I remember something good. I go to this amazing organic grocery store, and part of it has juice bar. I always feel like a dick-healthnut-wannabe when I show up in my non-biodeisel car with my cotton t shirts and mui mui bag. But whatever the juice is fabulous. So anyway, there are all these guys that look like they need a monkey to pick the bugs and shit out of their hair there and one guy goes:

"You gunna come over tonight?"

The other man looks puzzled.

"Yeah man, its meditation night."
"Yeah, man. It's a full moon. We get crazy."
"Oh sweet. Whos going?"
"You know the Pineapple Tribe? All those guys. But meditating"
"I dunno man...."
"No. Dude. You gotta go. Should be really positive"

I love organic peer pressure.


Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

the truth shall set you free.

well i gotta go.peace with you and fear and obstacles out of my path.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i am so so sorry about even listening to them:

andrea and the rest.it breaks my heart not about what you say,yet how they just don't stop,yet i am not given up because of them and i never will stop caring.

i am gonna make these comments low and i am gonna start acting for real and i done decided about it.it is my thing and i love acting.

the new me as of today no longer cares about andrea or anybody else who aims to degrade me,it is totally pointless and God would be asking me why i did?

and i would say they drove me too far.they don't care and they keep pushing me to the edge of my sanity.i am still sane so from now on.

shorter comments
no more caring about what andrea or the critics say
no more letting other's put me down
and no more being bullied

kat. said...

sometimes i feel as though I shouldn't even comment because "James"..i think his name is James... takes up all the space.
i wonder if you even read the comments anymore.
leave some room for others, man.
just because you love brie more than everybody else (excluding john), doesn't mean you need to leave more than one comment.
okay, i'm done ranting.

no one is a good blogger, per se.
it's about letting anything and everything out. let it flow, B.

digger said...

I love your blogs Brie! they're as original as you are - other people talk about mundane shit all the time.

well....you do too, but you have a way of making things interesting and I love the colors you pick out of your box of Crayolas to paint your world -

don't change - you're unique - I wouldn't want you any other way!

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i know brie didn't mention me and she wasn't talking about and ya'll don't know me so ya'll can't judge me i am a child of God,yet

that's beside the point i made a promise to brie that argue was beside me so i wouldn't do it.

i am a good blogger,yet ya'll i can't say what ya'll are for i am not ya'll.i know not your intentions.whether it is hated-filled,love-filled,judgemental-filled or critical-filled,yet all i can say is and yes we do have to get our opinions out,yet criticizing what you can't understand is too nonsense my friends it is a waste of time.if you have a fault to look at you're wasting your time looking at mine for i don't go around looking for faults in other's that just ain't me,i just say how i feel and i am true and the truth God will see it through that all works out for me it ain't like i have to work hard to get there just by faith all is possible.

in Hope has wings it was so inspiring to me.i love her music,yet i love her far more than that,yet i am not pushing the envelope for that is what mankind did to Jesus and Jesus looked back at peter and peter knew that he denied him,yet that was an example to say that mankind denies truth too much and they need to repent for it.

Jesus was revealing how mankind yet it was a revelation came true and Jesus said and did all he told.

yet Jesus ain't no religion he is the only way to be,human and spirit now i am not saying to go to church and read i am saying to be better people and repent and things will get easier for you and open your heart for God has spoken and you haven't listened.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i thought about putting how i felt again,yet i refrained for none of them would understand me,they would accuse me of much,yet argue i will not.

i learned that telling someone how you feel before you get to know them is something that i am in a rock and a hard place,i will never stop loving you brie,yet many wish i would and their wishing tears my world apart for you are the only mortal woman i love and the rest of them will never be loved like that by me.

this is my last long and lengthy message on here.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

the next messages will be short like a paragraph long or two maybe at best like at least a couple paragraphs or sentences.

james your true bff unlike those that are bad in thought and way,yet i am neither bad in though or way,yet right always right now.

Ashley said...


P.S. your blogs are totally effective, fyi. they always provide an enjoyable read.

KevBo said...

DONT! DONT!..stop blogging

i always enjoy reading them. grass makes me itchy too. my mudda' and fadda' always make fun of me for it

your blogs are always so vindicating?? for me...
"yes! finally someone who feels the same way about this and that"

...yea, i believe vindicating fits the sentence. does it not?