I've seen a film.

The award-winning short I did entitled "The Babysitter" is out and ready for your enjoyment!

Tell your friends.

p.s. I can't wait to brawl all of those who gave me their Super Smash Bros friend codes. We are gunna have a party!
p.p.s. I also go Mario Kart if anyone is interested....


digger said...

FUNNY!!!!! :D

I LOVED the twist ending! btw - has your voice gotten deeper in the past year? LOVE IT!

(btw - I think I speak for all the guys out there when I say thanks SOOOO much for the bra & panties and showing off that UBER NICE bod of yours!)

In other news, I've got Mario! how can I send you my code? (and, no offense, but.... BRING IT OOOOON, BEYATCH!!!!! your puny Mario skills are NO match for my finely-honed mastery!) lol :D

luv ya Brie!

krysten said...

The ending made me lol.

Carissa said...

ahaha this is hilarious. i love it.
your facial expressions were awesome.
loved the twist :)

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

i miss you brie and to be honest i hope you are havin a good time and yet on the note i miss you deep.the showing skin is what people like yet i care about you more for you than just for the exposure of you.i love you for you.more than life and no man is like me i am one of a kind.i am the one who prays for you,misses you and hates seein you be done wrong.i am here for you forever and ever.

your's truly,

p.s.i am gonna go learn how to make some films and go into directing and record my own album myself.if you want to join it would mean so much to me i miss you alot brie.please get back to me and 4 real i do miss you.plus i care for you more than the rest of the world.they may disagree but i don't care just you knowing it and understanding means so much to me girl.i love you.

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...
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TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

humm if i had a mario code i'd be your tag team partner i just don't have a Nintendo Wii yet one day we can i'll send you one buddy i real will we can even play together when i get one because someday i am gonna.i real do care about you beyond this universe for real i real do.

your's truly,

p.s.whenever you get a chance please check out my blog on Blogger or my myspace pages.that would mean more than the world to me and if you can comment i'd love that yet above all hearing back from you will slow my tears from falling.

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

u be careful i just wanted to comment you some.i posted a comment yesterday and 2 2day since i am superstitous of numbers that is the only reason i comment more than once.sorry i'll try to comment once on something and make the comment count you be careful ok buddy c-ya.

your's truly who does care about your more than the world ever does,
james your best friend forever and so forth

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

oh i about forget to say i love you brie and this ain't no lie or because of other's sayin i real mean it not to copy i real do love you 4 real there no pretending in me buddy you mean more to me than this world ever could and the universe and the people and the alien you take care ok buddy c-ya

love from james

emily said...

Ah, Brie! That was amazing! I loved the ending! And I finally saw Remember the Daze and, god! I loved your character in that, too! Keep it up, girl.

Katie said...

I luved it!! I thought it was cute and funny!!! The ending was the best!!

Kathy said...

weird...yet funny.

smart guy.

KTistight said...

my mom went to high school with molly hagan.

s. said...


wintourfan said...

that was super funny!

Pianoman said...

That was funny lol. Great job!

Kaley said...

for mariokarts are you playing with ds?
cuz i have a ds friend code for that[: