I don't ask for enough.

I'm posting videos of things that interest me. Things that have been on my mind for the past week.

Take a look, they are all pretty short. And comment below your thoughts. Lets get a group of thinkers together.

If all goes well I want to video chat with some of you like a little mini interview and broadcast it live through myspace. If you are interested or have a topic you'd like to discuss, bring it on!


QUESTIONS: Is it real? How did it happen? How does it make you feel emotionally- scared, angry, sad, worried, curious, etc.

QUESTIONS: Do you find this to being the beginning of "human advertisement" or just a cool new fashion trend? How to you think it will effect you to walk around with a light up shirt that reads " INDIANA JONES 4- OUR IN THEATERS MAY 22". Hot? or not?

QUESTIONS: What do you think that is? Real? Manmade? And what is its purpose?

HELP ME. I want(I need) your thoughts before my brain starts writing depressing songs about the past.



digger said...

Hi Brie!
I'm only too happy to get your brain going.

1. In this modern-day equivalent to the elephant man, I see it as the human spirit still being present, despite external appearances. The man's clearly suffering from an infection that's overtaken his body due to the lack of preventive medicine like we have in the US. Some people would look at him and see a freak. I see a good man who is still holding on to hope. We're all spiritual beings undergoing a human experiences. The world isn't a freak show. If we could learn to see ourselves as we truly are, external appearances would make no difference.

2. It's just the same thing in a new box. For technology to be valid and justified, it has to have some sort of practical application. There's nothing new under the sun and this is just a new way to say the same thing. It'd be funny if the ancient paintings done by cavemen on their walls weren't art or history, but prehistoric junk mail, or people bragging about how their "new and improved" spear brought twice as many mammoths as the next cave-guy's.

3. Looks to me like a mechanical elephant. It appears to be an engineering experiment designed for all-terrain mobility. Like an over-sized lunar rover, perhaps it was designed to carry large payloads across terrain that's not fit for modern transportation.

digger said...


do you have a fan e-mail? or some way I could contact you directly? I remember about 3 years ago we used to talk all the time (things wre different I guess).

Anyway, I ask because I want to send you links and stuff you might find interesting but I don't want to take up space on your blog.

I guess I could write to you on your MySpace, that'd be cool, but I know you don't check it that often.

anyway, let me know, k?


kat. said...
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kat. said...

Utterly intriguing and mind-blowing. It strikes up my curiosity. What kind of cut did he receive on his knee and how? It depresses me. No human being would wish to live like that. By default, he is ridiculed. No doubt. That is society. Very unfortunate and I hope that the man will get the up-to-date treatment.
Seeing that I just did a chemistry project on "smart" textiles - clothes that can monitor your health - light emitting textiles don't even compare. Sure, why not spruce an event, make it more enjoyable and entertaining for guests? As for walking around in a luminescent shirt all day, I don't think so. Only a specific type of lighting is suitable to view the shirt. Dark to dim lighting. Not practical. Then again, we do live in a materialistic society (I'm not going to lie, I can be very materialistic due to my attraction to the latest technology and gadgets.)
Wow. To start off, that was somewhat odd. It seems to be a model of an idea for a way to withstand an extreme load and transport it from point A to point B. Or, maybe. Maybe it is a giant remote controlled new-age transformer.

Carissa said...

video numero uno: the world will never cease to amaze me with all the strange things that can occur. seeing that man like that has left me dumbstuck. it makes me think about what his life is like. i can't stop wondering what could have caused it. it is just so abnormal. i hope that the doctor will be able to help him out.

video numero dos: i think it's an amazing development in technology, but i just don't see how it will be effective. it's very cool looking, i'm not seeing the purpose or good use it will have. it should be an interesting form of advertising, but i don't think it will create the effect that the developers want it to.

video numero tres: i have no clue, what it is or could be. i like louie's idea though! that would be sweet. very intriguing thats for sure.

if i think of any interesting, discussion worthy topics. i'll be sure to comment with them.

Emmor said...

i watched the tree man on tele.
I was eating at the time.

s. said...

Lovely, It's Me. Sarah. & I Have Lots Of Thoughts.

The Video About The Crazy Lighted Fabric Makes Me Realize What Everything Comes Down To. & That Is Profit. Advertising Is Encroaching On Everyday Life. It Happens Everywhere - Even In Schools. Completely Ridiculous.

It's Not That We Should Be Sheltered From Advertising, But Still, Not Everything Should Be An Advertisement.

There Are Enough Commercials On The Radio Already, But What If The Songs We Listen To Are Slowly Becoming Some Type Of Ad?

Should We Become Walking Advertisement? Really, With All The Logos That Our Clothes Bear, We Are Advertising. But Should We Become Walking Billboards? I Don't Think So.

Maybe This Can & Will Be Used For Good, But I Know There Will Be Those People Who Are Out For Their Own Benefit Or Profit.

E-Mail Me Or Somethin', Duuuuude.

Thomas Ray said...

Hey Brie, Here's a question.
When are you going on tour!

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

the first video made me cry for real it seems sad about that terrible to see people suffer see what i mean terrible.the second video about the light i don't get i mean promoting yourself well ok only if you have a product to sell and if not then something like that won't sell.the third kinda is weird but kinda strange i don't get it actually.don't freak out i will save you and bring calm to your soul.i will be your personal hero and life saver.see i do care about you i don't sit back and let you suffer i really want you to be able to enjoy life and see how much i care about you that it's eternal and everlasting.

alright about the interview sure but i have question.do you have a personal email i can contact you you may but i don't want to be mean and pushy i was wondering.i real do want to get ahold of you i care about you please if you want a true friend you'll never lose and will stay with you even after years gone by i am that man

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

My other computer is actin up my laptop it's a stupid compaq i am gonna quit talking about my compaq because i am wanting it to work whenever i get to do my album i'll want to do a duet with you would you care please get back to me i want to get out there i am havin a hard time getting any success.would it help to sign up on american idol or maybe just go and go to radio stations.i need help.if you wouldn't care to help me please i'll be your's 4 life.

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

I really do mean that i'll let you have me all to yourself for life.

carsen said...


Video # 1 : It's real. Unless he is wishing for 15 minutes of fame, I really hope no one would degrade themselves and dress up as a tree. As for why it happened? I have 100% no clue. Depends on the knee cut I suppose. It makes me curious. What kind of tree is he? Could this happen to another person except they become an orange tree? Would the oranges taste like...well, oranges?

Video # 2 : Human advertisement started way long ago, but I think this is a beastly idea. As for fashion trend...no thanks. I question, "Whats wrong with just wearing a plain ol' t-shirt saying Indiana Jones 4- Out in theaters May 22!?" Must it light up? I think this could cause distraction! What if it was night time and a car was driving down the street and all of a sudden out comes a man in front of the car. Would the light distract the driver? Blind him? Or would it be a sweet new replacement for reflectors? Hmm...

Video # 3 : It looks like a man made monster. Not like Transformers, but more like the weird ones the Power Rangers would ride around in. Wow, why do I know that? It's purpose is to get people stuck in "WTF" moments for hours and hours, probably like what I will be in the rest of the night.

What really amazes me is that there is such thing as MICRO MINI TOY dogs now. Were "Mini Toy" not good enough? Better yet, was "Toy" not good enough? As if a "Goldendoodle" wasn't weird enough...Oy.


Anonymous said...

1.) wow, that was really interesting. i had no idea things like that actually happen, and from a cut on his knee? it's really sad that his wife abandoned him, because times like those are when you really need someone to stand by your side.
2.) does anyone actually want to walk around lit up like a lamp? i wouldn't. i suppose it might be an easy job, if someone paid you to wear an advertisement all day, but really, don't we see enough of those on t.v.? i'm not a fan.
3.) it is an alien.

Zainab said...

The light up shirts are bothersome! Ads are annoying enough-the fancy lights only make them more ridiculous.

And I think that walking mechanical moving elephant thing is just...odd.Maybe it's some type of robot that transports heavy loads...or an illusion of some sort...

And I believe the Human Tree is real...I saw the documentary in the Discovery Channel sometime ago; they have this ultra-rare skin condition...something about his living environment and something got on his skin...I dunno...

Ashley said...

1. This isn't real. This can't be real. Can it? Although I find it disheartening that anyone would actually lower them self to the point where they are posing to have some tree-eating mutation, I do not see any logical way that this could be possible. If this was true, why haven't more people heard about it? Why haven't there been more cases? I don't see how simply cutting yourself on a tree could possibly insinuate such a horrible disease... OK, just watched it again... I don't know. I am too confused to ponder this further. My mind is blown.

2. Ah, what this world has come to. I don't think this will ever really become mundane. It seems like it would cost far more than the ultimate gain it would have for the corporation, or whatever. Besides, it's just a plain t-shirt. Unless it happened to be advertising something I was extremely passionate about, I don't think I would ever go for something like that.

3. Wow...Strange. Interesting! Seems to be man-made, but I have no idea what its purpose might be. Could be a product of the government? They always want to have one up on us, don't they...

andrea*. said...

the first two videos unfortunately didn't work for me? i always get these stupid things from youtube videos that say "this video is no longer available" and that seriously happens to nearly all of the videos i try and watch lately. its really a pain in the fucking ass.

but anyways the last one worked

it looks to me like a strange siamese (times five) mechanical elephant? i dont think it has much of a purpose. I don't speak.. whatever language those credits were in but I am guessing it was maybe some kind of project for university students? An expirement? It probably doesnt have a definite purpose because I dont see what it does really except move around. I think its just people trying to accomplish an interesting and unique feat.

Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

i will always care and love you more than all of this world even though i have been battling evil's that test my soul.i will never stop caring about you girl.more than this world.i gave up on other's and all of the world and the new me you will be suprised for i will actually give my life to you.

for real my life is in your hands.i lay it down at your feet.

the video was quite amazing.

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Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

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Kathy said...

you're weird.
Now that I got that out of my system, I would like to say what I think about the videos:
1) No idea what to think. If it's real or not. The face seems like an infection that could happen, but the rest of it seems like some character made of from Wizard of Oz or something. I'm being completely honest here, I'm not so sure that that person's for real. My dad's a doctor and I spend a vast amount of time looking at his medicine books and I don't think I've seen or studied about anything like that. I don't think it's humanly possible. Maybe it's real, but then again, I should open those medicine books again.

2) Who would wear that anyway? Aren't there enough lights in this world? That would just make a nigh-drive in the streets distracting. Who knows, I might crash after watching a person walking the streets with that. Plus, are those shirts even good for the enviroment? I just think it looks silly, maybe something to wear in Halloweeen, but up to now, I don't see those shirts going anywhere.

3)Manmade. Some kind of machine. I really don't know. The video wasn't long enough to build up a conclusion about what it is. Seems to have no use...just some walking device. Maybe it could be used for one of those Narnia movies or something. I really don't know.

Gianna said...

Tree man- I'll be covering my cuts now, neatly and bundled. Having flies live in the creases of my hand unconditionally can get quite aggrivating at a point. Though bug friends are nice.

Glowing fabric- A little odd, but things are changing. I can't grasp the concept. Maybe because the law of physics has been thrown out as NORMAL, ONLY THIS WORKS, SO DROP THE WEIRD THINGS. I probably wouldn't wear something like that, because it'll grow like the iPod, and will become humanly nature and "normal."

Moving.. Thing- Is gnarly, and I'd like to take my chances at sitting on one.

Brie, take care, you're great.


Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

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Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

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Man who loves brie more than everybody said...

brie if you listen to me i will never do you wrong and never lie to you but i will never yoke unto the few non-believer's out there at all not even if they wish me away from you i will never leave not even for the latter and i came because God loves you and you somehow have lost touch i really am worried about you.i have been for a few years.I miss you but more importantly i miss the you that let nobody influence you mroe than you would and you didn't change a whole lot but that ain't what worries me it's the world tryin to make me wanna give up which i won't ever even if they wish all they pain i can get i will not give in for no one not even the enemy.i am your true friend i love you and i will always care for you.

coop said...

Video 1: Sure, have you ever been to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia? It's filled with medical oddities, such as this. It's sad commentary on today's society, that in this day and age something like this can still happen. We can clone sheep, cats, etc. but who wants to take the time/money to cure this poor man. If nothing else it should make us all grateful to live in a country of advanced medicine.

Video 2: We're already walking billboards, we just don't light up yet. Almost everything i own has some kind of logo or advertisment on it, cars, teams, food, you name it, you can find it on a tee shirt. Does it get hot? Hmmm, maybe a little warm, what happens if you get caught in the rain?

Hey Sarah, it's already happening, product placement in movies, tv, music videos, songs even.

Video 3: I don't think it's anything. Does it have to be something with a purpose? It's an it? It is because somebody wanted it to be, Conceptual Art maybe. It's funky, that's for sure.