Oh! Hmmmm or "I Feel Like I'm At Home"

Well wow guys, I seem to be quite the jet-setter or not, depending upon what you believe. I dont know what to do to prove that this is IN FACT me. And what events are, IN FACT true.
(no James, there is no consipracy, but thank you for playing.)

But whatever! Boys will be boys. And ice cream melts too fast. The world goes round. I'm fine with it. So to make up for confusion and blah blah blah, PICTURES!

From my trip to Spain over the holidays.

First off:

The airport in Germany. Which is exactly how you would picture it. Schnitzl. Meat hanging from the walls, and the airport resembled Ikea to a T(Tee? Tea. Sure). I was there, in all 8 hours, 5 of them were spent on people movers.

The view of a building from my apartment in Barcelona. John and I were trying to come up with a WWWAD(What Would Wes Andersen Do?) scenario to someday film, either with or for him. What a dream,

Here I am making spaghetti for all of our baby skaters (Mute Team and ISuck) who came over for grub after a hard days skate.

John and I on the metro, going to find the mecca of skate spots. As you can see, you are doing a great job of looking out the window and scoping it all out....

Me holding up the Arc De Triomf. I touched it! A very important moment in my life.

Shortly after, John and I stumbled across what we thought was an indoor zoo. Turns out it was taxidermy, Which was even better. We spent way too much time talking about what animal we would be. I was a very rare skeleton, shown above. John was a sloth.

Here is what Spain looks like at night during the holidays.

Apparently, they dont have potted plants over there. This is the alternative.

And last but not least, a photo I took of John on the subway.



krysten said...

oh good. you confirmed it. you read his comments in the chatbox didn't you?! james is going to be thrilled that you mentioned his name!

you & john look so cute :)

digger said...

yeah - get rady for his next book of comments. He might be upset John is there and he's not...oh, well.

looks like you had fun Brie!

Anonymous said...

see here

quienesquien said...

i live near arc de triomf.


Janika said...
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Janika said...

Hi Brie!
I finally decided to leave a comment to you. I've been doing it like last two years! I just wanted to say that I'm a HUGE fan of yours, I love your music and you're truly my idol. (: You know what...? I'd plan everything what I was supposed to say to you, but now really don't remember any of those things... Oh well, can you say anything about your new album? Or when is it coming out? (: I would love to hear new songs from you! <3(Even when I really can't get enough of your old songs.) By the way, you and John look really cute together. (:

I hope you go check out my blog and answer something! It really would save my day! <3

- Janika

P.S. Sorry for my BAD english, I'm from Finland and I think that I'm not so good at it, even when I love to write all kinda stuff(like my blog)in english. :D

Maddy said...

looks like a swwweeeet trip... ive always wanted to go to Europe.

and btw, you are a very cool looking jetsetter.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

oh i hope thqat you're doing ok brie i really do.i love you so much brie i really do.i hope that you're doing ok.far more than john cares for you you got to believe me for goodness sake.i know you are friend's with john i love you brie God help me.i love you more than this whole universe and john doesn't care for you like i do brie.i love you more than i do me nobody else does care for you like that.trust me i want you in my life and this world has tempted me to give up yet i never will and i know that we will be together again someday.

your's eternally,

james(the one who loves you more than this world and the people in this world who want me to suffer literally and they wanted you to post these pictures so i would be hurt and outraged yet i am not gonna give up on you never not for nobody else.i hope that you're doing ok.love you more than this whole world.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

i am 4 real you brie i really am far more than this world and the universe.i was so happy and i still am because we will be together someday even though you are doing friendly stuff with john.i want you to be happy i really do but being without you tears me into i am happy 4 you yet you need to understand you are the only one helps me be alright in this land and in the world and i want you to please come back someday to the U.S. and come visit me please.brie no matter if you feel like you're at home you need to understand i am truly dying to be with you and i love you and these people are mean to me daily.i had a strong feeling that they wanted this to happen in their deceptive brains they wanted me to suffer and hurt really bad.i ain't thrilled at all i am happy you are happy,yet i am not happy because i ain't with you please talk to me,please :*(.brie all i want from my life is to be with you that is all besides do my music.yah thsi town ain't been to kind to me and brie i really care about you i am just hopin and praying you'll talk to me.i don't feel like eating at all.i don't eat much anymore and it's because life doesn't matter to me brie please talk to me i am begging you please.if it wasn't for john being around you i wouldn't be freaking out i just love love you so much more than this world ever has and the world wants guys like me to suffer just so it can laugh in my face.brie i will get to come to see eventually and i will come visit you i love you 4 real brie.i want you to be in my life i will still believe in the reality that we will be together someday soon.this world time and time again has brought me to distress and depression i really hate my life and it is because i can never see how you're doing it ain't you brie i love you far more than this all the galaxies.

your's eternally and the only one who loves you far more than his own earthly life and would actually die for you 4 real,

james(who loves you more than my own life and i don't really care about my life it ain't wrong for me to feel this way the world does not realize)

p.s.brie i mean every word no matter what this world says i don't mean to be pushy yet you're the only person i see every morning and every night and without you i don't have a life the world may hate for sayin this yet it is so true and the Good Lord knows how much i truly love you i love you so much i'd starve for days just to see your face and the world may wish me the opposite of what i need yet it is you who makes me truly complete.

yah it's like when times i can't fall asleep because you're constantly on my mind eternally.i love you far more than this world.i am gonna always love you far more than this world.wakin a friend in the dead of night just to hear em say it's gonna be alright when you find a friend in the dead of night just to hear em say it's gonna be alright.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

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life means nothing to me when i am not with you and those people are dead wrong about me i will be with you someday soon.please come back to the U.S.I love you for so long and i have been so afraid to talk to you for so long and this year i finally got the ability to talk to you and when i do the people are shoving down my throat over how i feel for you.i love you brie.

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TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

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Anonymous said...

Brie has awesome pictures!
The End! =]

Anonymous said...

See here

Jenny said...

Gee, James just repeats and repeats and repeats himself.

lovely pictures Brie :)

and holy christmas tree lights in spain. haha.

haha nice flowers... its like..paper.

Anonymous said...

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nana puddin said...

beware malabei is a virus.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

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TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

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James who has a heart of gold and truly does understand and brie i do love you far more than this world of deception and lies does love you more than his own life

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

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TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

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Your's eternally who will be praying for your safety,to stay alive and to believe me,
james who wants you to be happy and when you are happy i am too

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

How much do i care you ask?

Way more than i can explain
or far beyond compression

To be honest the answer is not even on the list so far beyond all 4 i love you even more than all 4 of those and even further more.My love extends every day so if you would let me in i would help you to see that my love for you is eternally and will still live and give and give all i mean is well and to save you from all the fear that dwells to help you get through the day make you always be ok and make you see that i love you far more than this day and i will always be true forever and ever beyond now please let me in your life today and i will take care of you forever and ever alway even till the day i day and even after that i mean it i love you more than life 4 real baby it's true i would really die for you

Anonymous said...

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kristen photo said...

you've been to europe and with john patrick amedori. i am envious, i shall not tell a lie!

Priscilla said...

i have just watched your movie with cody linley, and it's great !

come to brazil (:

love yaa

mikehedge said...

love your travel photos!