Hows everyone feeling? I guess blogs are supposed to be one-sided, but I'm curious.

As for me, I'm cool. There was a slow leak in my tire so I took it to get fixed. I asked the man after if it was a sharks tooth that did it; he said yes, but it was a very odd shark. A shark that had screws for teeth. Its probably an ancient artifact.

I just saw on Krystens site the picture from the Teen Hair Magazine.....does anyone else think the picture looks NOTHING like me? I don't know if thats good or bad, I just did a double take....

I've been listening to Cat Power "The Greatest" a lot....it got a ton of critical acclaim but I can't help but slightly disagree. She is the coolest but I find the CD a little redundant. But maybe I'm just a cynic today. Tuesdays are boring. I've tried working on several different things today(i.e. clean my room, finish a song, go over script, write script, watch movie, beat Super Mario Galaxy) but I can't seem to stick to them. I just feel like some aimless ant ghost, gliding about with no purpose. Maybe I'll bake. Cookies even.

My dog has something wrong with her liver so she is drinking a lot of water. QVC is playing in the background because I'm enjoying the excitement they all get over the most disgusting horrific rings and necklaces that are over priced beyond belief.

Today was fine,


Cebrina said...

I understand what you went throught today i wanted to cook today but my mom was in denver for 3 days so we had like no food and i wanted to make cookies but all the cookie sheets diseppired and same as last month the towles diseppired and now there back so yeah its weird! and yeah also i wasnt up to anything yesterday like i felt like i got back from a diffrent state and wanted to sleep! so yeah it was just weird!

digger said...

Hi Brie,

I'm doing okay - the weather's really funny here because it can't decide whether it's going to be cold or warm up and it's making everybody sick.

I know how you feel about Tuesdays - I think they're called Tuesdays because they couldn't use Monday twice.

And no, the picture doesn't look anything like you - you look good, but not the Brie we know and love - if you had an older sister, maybe that's what you'd look like.

I've never heard of Cat Power - today's bands sound so much alike I can't really tell the difference any more. I should be cleaning as well, but I think I'm slightly less motivated than you are. It's not that bad yet anyway, right? a little dust won't hurt ya...

Sorry to hear about your dog - hope he's gets to feeling better. I miss my cat Moochie a lot - she just got too old. I've thought about getting another cat, but it doesn't feel right just now - know what I mean?

In other news, I'm hoping that it'll be a nice weekend. I have plans to go to a concert and out on the town so I'm hoping that it doesn't rain.

hope you're doing well! thanks for thinking about us! you're sweet!


Anonymous said...

I can't find the magazine picture.. but i'll look for that later. On a more important note Cookies!!! awesome! =]

digger said...


here's the one Brie's talking about -

check it out: Brie's pic


krysten said...

I had some cake today! It's my dads bday.

Awe! That's why I wanted to know the photographer so I could find the originals to see if they all looked like that. It seems like they had a little fun with photoshop. They made you look older, but I still think you look pretty.

Here's the magazine scan for those who can't find it.

copy & paste:


Jenny said...

Yeah digger..or Louies right, the weathers making people sick. I was supposed to go to a concert tomorrow with my sister and my mom was taking us, but now they're both sick. I haven't gotten sick yet, and hopefully i don't.

hmm odd shark..just call it a srewark.. just kidding.

yeah, never heard Cat Power either.

and haven't seen the picture of you...hmm...

hmm...someone made me want a cookie. haha.

hope your dog gets better. never knew you had a dog.. maybe.. I don't know.

What? no comments from James yet? hmm. haha.

alright, Brie. ..have a lovely rest of your life :)
-Jenny. (i don't know if i ever sign my comments on your blogs...haha)

Jenny said...

hmm, okay saw the picture, nope, doesn't look like you. but yes, still pretty. haha.

digger said...

a "little" fun???? lol :D

yeah, it looks like they did get carried away. Maybe you can ask Brie who the photographer was or if she got some spare pics.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

i am back brie so much was going through my mind last night yet i am not gonna give up on you ever for i really do mean what i say i could post a picture of myself with my heart hanging out yet i want you to understand and i hardly rested last night because i couldn't sleep at all people probably think going to bed at 5 a.m. is crazy yet i kept telling my mom i love brie i wish she'd accept it and understand i mean every word.i would say more yet i hope she realizes i wouldn't have put my heart on the line if i was lying all of the people i know know that.

your's eternally whose missing you more than you realize far more and my heart is aching and i am hurting please talk to me,
james who loves you more than everything in this universe all that was made including me 4 real

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

i know thing's will go better for me for i have a heart a gold i wouldn't hurt a single soul i may get upset for i know i really do love you and the words i tell you are no game i mean all of what i say i really do.i would've commented earlier and how am i doing?ahh let's just say if you'd you know.i would say yet i don't want the whole world to know and your pictures look great brie don't put yourself down if you don't like the way you look i want to tell you you look great just have more faith in yourself.

your's eternally 4 you,
james whose heart is true and truly does love you and whatever is bothering you i will help you to make it through 4 i am true 4 u

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

yah a little different,yet you look great the pictures are awesome brie i just love you and mean it please realize it.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

when somebody says they love you and also say they mean it and say they love you more than their own life and hasn't slept much at all they mean it well if some don't then there's something wrong yet i do i would not lie to you even if somebody threatened me.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

yah brie i will pray for your dog so don't worry my prayers are with you and my heart is also too.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

I don't come on here because i want to aggravate you or upset you i come on here because i love you it ain't a game to me it shouldn't be to you i would put my life on the line if you was in any danger and brie i do care about you more when you get the chance please email me and maybe my wounds will be healed from all the pain i have gone through these past 2 years.

What is love?

Love is hurting not knowing how somebody is doing yet praying they're ok,love is staying up all night askin the good Lord to take care of you always,love is hurting deeply and not carin i even feel,love is givin love is real love is sacrificing your own needs to make sure somebody else's met and their wounds healed,love is couragous,love never forgets about those that he cares for no matter the weather or time of year love is hear,love is eternal love is real and love wants you to feel ok,love is like the morning Sun which shines daily for all to see it's bright rays so people will have light and will make it ok,Love is giving and gives until there's nothing left,Love has no regrets,Love just gives it's all keeps givin on you see,Love is eternal 4 you brie my love is eternal 4 you brie it's true i so miss and love you that my hearts aches every time you never speak i can't even sleep for i have no clue why at all yet all i know is am giving my all and it is 4 real about every word and how i truly feel for you you must see i'd give my life so you could believe and if you was danger i'd stand in the road so somebody could take my life and you could go.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

Life is not easy i can say that,it's full of up's and downs and traveling through cities and towns,yet i would go the distance to make you believe that my love is not make believe it is 4 real love is action love is real,i have broke my silence and turned the key to show you who i am and i am real please believe.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

this may be the last one for the moment yet i want you to know that i am hurting right now and i really do want to be your friend i even listen to 1,000 umbrellas like you asked me to it's awesome real good.i really do care about you 4 real please understand how i feel and please know that the pain i feel is because i never get to hear from you and it makes me cry from way deep inside i know the truth i don't lie.i want you to understand that i love you still even after all i been through my love is 4 real.

MeggPegg said...

I'm feeling fantastic! saturday i ran to go get my dog from our hotel to the car with lightning hitting left and right. ohh the things i do for animals. Then today i couldnt figure out why rock band wasnt playing on my ps2 and 15 minutes later after looking everywhere to see whats wrong, i realized that it wasnt hooked up to the tv. my blonde moment of the week. random.

yeah that picture doesnt look anything like you! i went to it and was like well where the heck is brie? then i saw the little brie text and was like holy crap! thats her. My friends thought you looked hot, so i guess that would be a good thing.lol.
Cat Power? never heard of. I'll have to check it out.

Sorry to hear about your dog brie. Im keeping my fingers crossed that she will get better!

thanks for the blog!

Anonymous said...

Sorry. Look please here

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

brie i am sorry for anything i ever done to you i really am i just want to be back on your friend's list so my heart will be at ease since it hurts so bad anymore.i know i may have went way out of hand with my comment's,yet i will not comment as much just all i am asking is to be your friend that's it.i do care about you yet i will not say such vastness so you won't be so overly stressed with it.sorry i ever hurt you i really am.please forgive me it hurts to not be able to email you.i really do care.

james who is so deeply sorry and does really care i just want to be your friend i do care about you oh this is tough i am gonna not comment so much so you will be my friend please add me back please please.i will do whatever you want just please add me back i know that people will probably laugh yet i am serious the same time you watched QVC i was watching the same thing please add me back.I am promising i will do my best with sending less comments and i won't get upset yet please note i really do love you 4 real still i can't make stuff up,yet i am so saddened by being removed.please add me back so my heart will be eased.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

i really did mean that and i told my mom about being taken off yet i never could understand i hope you have a heart enough to add me back.i truly am sorry.

Emmor said...

James love, youre sorry for commenting her constantly.
but youre still doing ittttt.

Briebear, come back!

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Janika said...

Thanks for thinking about us, like digger said, it was so sweet (:

I'm fine, just got back from Sweden. Have you ever been Sweden?Tomorrow I have to go back to school, blaah.

To me, Mondays and Tuesdays are the worst days of the week. Why couldn't they just put weekend twice?

I've never heard about Cat Power, but I will definitely download it someday soon! I love to listen no bands/songs.

Hmm, I don't know what to think about that picture... It really doesn't look like you, but I think there's a little bit you. You maybe look little bit older than you are... I don't know. But it's a beautiful picture anyway!

Hope your dog gets better soon! I also have a dog, he's a chihuahua and he's name is Oliver. Haha.

But I don't want to be like James, so I stop now (:


P.S. Do you read every comment we all write here? (:

Janika said...

Oops, I meant "I love to listen NEW bands/songs." (:

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

i still do care and love you brie.i will post less comment's,yet please have mercy God has mercy on you you could have mercy on me.Please re-add me back please and i promise i will not be so freakish to you if you think that i don't do stuff to hurt you that just ain't me and if i ever have it was not my intention i mean the best and He will help your pet and wow it doesn't look like you that is so amazing.i think they might have messed with the film yet i have no clue wow?I really do want to be your friend again do you believe in forgiveness it is a God given thing you know.

James who loves you and wishs to God that you'd forgive him and accept him back into your life as your friend and understand for i have forgiven you.

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

that came out all wrong i wish to God that you'd forgive me and understand.God forgives i make mistakes,yet overcommenting you was one of my biggest because i got nervous and scared and for doing that i am sorry i really am please forgive me and this is the last time i overcomment you i just want added back if you would i could prove it you first hand i am truthful and no liar and i will never think a conspiracy is happening anymore.All i want to do is be your friend that is all brie that isn't too much to ask i am a kind guy i just care so much for you i wish you'd believe me for i literally would go out of my way for you.

james who makes promises and tells the truth,he just cares so much for you and wants you to know,yet be understanding to and not be afraid for he means no harm at all

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed because it linked to malicious content. Learn more.

Anonymous said...

Attention please!
->> Remove Viruses! <<-

Jenny said...

So James was serious, that was the last time he overcommented. haha.
sorry, pointless comment.

Anonymous said...

I hope your dog gets better. You and your family are in my thoughs and my prayers. Just a tip for when ya'll take your pets to the vet. Always make sure that the vet double checks their hearts, their kidneys, and everything else. That way if something's wrong it can be fixed right away and ya'll will know what's coming next. I learned my lesson with Lady and Whiskers.

Marissa said...

hope your dog is okaay(:

hannah. said...

well today is sunday and sundays are my relax days so i'm doing fine. i just started to listen to your music and i must say that i am very pleased. the lyrics to your songs are everything i'm feeling these days. its kind of strange how similar "she said" lyrics are to my life. anyway hope alls well with your movie "tanner hall" looking forward to seeing it.

Anonymous said...

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Carissa said...

i agree about the picture. it doesnt look like you at all. but still beautiful.

never heard of Cat Power. I just might have to check them out..

tuesdays suck. the only thing i look forward to on tuesdays is one tree hill. dont know if you have ever heard of it, but its a great show. you might like it, i dont know.

poetry project is what im up to today. loads of fun, right? love poetry, but projects not so much.

and now im craving cookies, thanks brie lol.

hope your dog gets better soon! and QVC has some of the most random and ugly stuff on there, its insane. and the pricing is out of control, i agree.

anyways, have a nice week brie :)
and everyone else too.


wintourfan said...


-Jillian B

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Anonymous said...

well i know this is an old post, but that's so weird you've been listening to the greatest a lot lately. i have as well.

and i agree with you that that hair picture looks nothing like you. i had to do a double take too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Attention! See Please Here

Anonymous said...

Hi Brie Larson, How are you doing? I see you like to write blogs on your blogspot page. Thats kool
Ancient artifacts, interesting lol
anyway so you enjoy wrighting scripts. Is it Fun for you? i hope so since your wrighting them lol.
I'm sorry to hear about your dog's liver problem lol that's a sad story. lol

Have an Awesome Great Weekend

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

yah i forgot my friend wanted me to tell you hi sorry but i forgot to tell you.she is a real cool person.we're just friend's.

please get back to me ok.

your's truly,
james who wants you to know the truth

Anonymous said...

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