Good VS. Evil

Things that should not be happening:
Mini Persian Cats.

Hiedi Montag, in every aspect.

London being 5371 miles away from me.

Popsicle sticks. bleck.

The good things in the world:
Theodore Roosevelt

Astro Blasters with a brit

There Will be Blood for Best Picture

Zodiac Boots

Thats an insight for now!



TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

I am so thankful to God that you're doing alright and good will always prevail over evil.Remember i am for the good not for the evil.Love always wins and remember God's name is Love and He rules everything this Universe.He will always be with you just like i always will thank Heavens for you Brie i love you more than this life and yes that stuff shouldn't be happening,yet have no fear Jray is here.

I have come to help you out.I am your personal sacrifice and i still love you more than this life.Hope all is well with you buddy.

Humm yah i know all about the zodiac buddy yet i will be here with you and help protect you always.Have faith in God and as always me and Him will help you.I will be with you forever and ever and i just wonder how you been doing.

Your love,man,ally,eternal soul mate and personal sacrifice,
James the one who loves you more than this life

P.S.You are better than Heidi Montag and i wish you the best and God is with us always and may God's love be with you 4ever and ever

TheOneYouCanAlwaysCountOn said...

I miss your videos Brie i want to see your face i miss that alot.Hope you're doing ok.God bless your beautiful self,soul and life and keep you safe as always.

krysten said...

i saw heidi's music video yesterday ... it's ~fabulous (note the sarcasm).

Chantal said...

Hey again Brie! Maybe you should buy Heidi's album when it comes out. (Just kidding! I know you wouldn't dare buy crap like that lol! Speaking of albums, will you grace us with one this year?

digger said...

why London, Brie?

you've got a thing for ol' Blighty? I sure do!

care for a cuppa, love?

Anonymous said...

Hi Brie Larson
How are you Doing, i Guess your really busy.
Hope All Is Well

I Like the heading "Good Vs Evil"
Good Prevail in the end Duh, we all know it:]
Brie's British lol
whacky boots lol
Presidents Theodore Roosevelt the 26th president the hero of the Spanish American war blah blah he isn't that great as everyone thinks he is. anyway Mini Persian Cats hahaha okey. i dont like cats but The Russian Blue cat. its pretty smart and cute for a cat.

Emmor said...

If you're in the UK,
come stop by!

Emmor said...

to play mariooo of course :D

Maddy said...

That video of Heidi made my day... sped up videos with singers on helium are amazing...

Zainab said...

I love your boots!

smithsan said...

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