Bunnies and Traps

is returning.

The issue: A NOTEBOOK.

Everyone, get a notebook and begin your doodles and writing. We will be compiling a book that looks like a kids journal or diary. I want all of you to participate. You heard?



Anonymous said...

Yay. I still didn't see the issue where something I wrote was used; you should send me a free copy! Or something!

Zainab said...

I know I already sent in things, but I was pondering whether or not I should ask you if I could send in 3 or 4 "creative writing" or something...
Well, I guess I just did...
(random outburst)

Carissa said...

i am loving this idea! going to get that notebook...hahaha

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

well to be honest i do care about you yet i have no clue how to hear back from you brie.i real do care about you so much.pleas get back to me.

i'll try yet i don't love you because of what you do i love you because of you buddy.

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

see i told you i would comment you back i just had to get a blogger started.sorry for not getting back to you sooner.cool you have a new Bunnies and Traps and never can realy check much but i don't like you because what you do only who you are.i care about you alot.i alway will.

your's truly,

p.s.if you ever get a chance pleas get back to me ok.that mean more to me than this world or life at all.

Jenny said...

yes, i heard. i will participate.
a kids journal or diary...
okay. i'll begin my doodles. haha.
where exactly do we send stuff,brie?
submissions@bunniesandtraps.com ?

Anonymous said...


"you like cats videos "lol why ?thats crazy but okey whatever
Bunnies and traps?
Bunnies and Ducks sounds funnier or Bunnies and Bears lol
Bunnies and traps seems a little mean but its kool if thats u like.
what Inspired you to do Bunnies and Traps im curious. Thanks but i Don't want to Doodle
hahahaha :] You Should Doodle Particpate B. lol

Vintage-Doll said...

What can we write about?
can it be of how much i hate school? (hahah what a stupid question)

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

s. said...

Submit... Or You're Beat.

kat. said...