Dingle Dangle/ Family Ghost ft. Baby Mongrol

Dear lovely humans who read,

I'm writing to you from a brain who has played too much Super Smash Bros. Now that I have stepped away from it all I question: "Why do those nintendo guys have to fight so much? Why must we bring swords and fire flowers into this?" I propose a new game.


Same game, better communication.

Mario, instead of fighting with Link for defeating Evil-Taken-Over-By-Purple-Badness-Peach because you think its your beloved- talk it over! Say, "Hey! Why'd you mess with my boo, etc." I'm sure Link would gladly offer an explanation. Henceforth, it would not make for a very exciting game. But it would offer great learning tools for future endeavors.

In other grand ambitions, it's windy. The sun was out today. And I have nothing to say.

John really wanted a blog but has nothing to contribute except the weather report. Which we don't need being that the day is over. Who cares about what the weather was 6 hours ago? I lived it! Kinda. I actually didn't leave my house today because I was Brawling it out with the Ice Climbers and Meta Knight. I'm exhausted.

"We made masks yesterday" - John

Yes. Yes we did. Thank you. Another remark of the past.


TheMaddyHatter said...

sounds like a fun day.

Jenny said...

haha, "we made masks the other day"
yes, i saw them on your myspace, brie. right? very creative. haha.

digger said...

where did your blonde-ness go Brie? Is this a new thing? I mean, love ya either way, but is the switch to brunette just you being bored with your hair?

Zainab said...

HA. HA. Yes, very haha-ish indeed.
Masks are fun to make---"remarks of the past". Brie MAN-I love your guts!

YouKnowYouLoveMe said...

ahhh the puzzles of super smash brothers, they get me daily. You should suggest the whole communication idea, but i have a feeling they may pick a fight with you about it xD

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

to be honest mario and zelda can get along only if they destroy the evil forces and if the evil forces are dead on the game.to be honest someone should come and help them i think zelda could help them out she's the princess.brie i miss you i real do,yet i know not to overcomment so i will comment you when i can i just worry alot that's all.

TheManWhoTellsTheTruthAlone said...

well i gtg i know you're doing ok.i real do care about you and miss you brie.you and john are just best friend's.i know that i am happy you have friend's like john yet i know that ya'll are just friend's.i hope to hear back again from you buddy.i miss you buddy and i hope that you're doing ok.well i am here for you.i am gonna work on the comment length.

your's truly,

p.s.you be careful and stay safe as alway.love you.

Carissa said...

hahaha mario is beast.
masks are fun.
brie you are amazing. :)

Anonymous said...

Brie likes to write blogs lol kool
you also like to play Video Games? I didn't know that.
You made Mask with John,
That's kool

Anonymous said...

How long did it take you to make those masks? lol was that even fun? i heard you dyed your hair. Thats kool. Sonic is Cooler then Mario.
I like Pit better then Link also.
Ike is okey. anyway Did you ever play Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi3 .
it kool lol
I dont like to play wii i rather play ps3, but i dont really play video games anymore. except when i cant sleep, i play video games sometimes lol

Julian said...

hey sup?